Women of Style

Tina Borgatta, Michelle Pulfrey and Kristen Schott | August 29, 2016 | Feature Features National

With trends as transient as the seasons, the essence of true style is substance. And these six Orange County mavens of fashion are fluent in the art of self-expression, speaking volumes about their uniqueness of character—from their bejeweled necks and wrists to their sparkling stilettos.
Addie Hamilton

Where to start with Anais Tangie? Perhaps all the places she lived before settling down in Costa Mesa: born in Montreal; moved to Miami, Orlando and West Palm Beach, Fla.; on to Virginia Beach, Va.; and Frederick, Md.; then back to where it all began. Her mother, she says, “had the heart of a hippie,” so the family traveled constantly—and Tangie picked up style influences at each spot. She visited Israel at 18, and she jets off to New Orleans with boyfriend Michael Harris whenever she can—she says it’s the one place she loves to dress to the nines.

Then there’s her job. As the marketing and events coordinator for SoCo and The OC Mix, her days are a “bustling blur,” meeting with chefs, guiding visiting Japanese guests and acting as an “interpreter” between commercial real estate developers and the small businesses at the center—all while in red patent Michael Kors heels paired with crisp pants, skirts and tailored suits from Ralph Lauren or RW & Co., a Canadian brand that “fits every curve.” Notes Tangie: “As a woman in business, [I] need to be taken seriously and be sleek, not too sexy, but strong and sensible.” Her limited leisure time is packed with everything from surfing to cooking (she is learning to forage for foods and planning an excursion with chef Dee Nguyen of Break of Dawn) to traveling—to New Orleans, natch. It’s where you’ll find her dancing in the streets and dining out in one of her Diane von Furstenberg (her fave designer) dresses or a gown adorned with beads and rhinestones. “Everyone is out of the closet there, and they do what they want to do. … I love that.”

One glimpse at Addie Hamilton and you’ll feel like you’re gazing at a photograph of an old Hollywood lounge singer, her sultry voice floating above the smoky scene, a teasing smirk resting on her rouge lips. Yes, this 20-year-old Emmy-nominated music artist is vintage glam inside and out. “Life has always been dress-up,” she quips. She’s the youngest of seven (she’s got a twin sister—though their taste in apparel couldn’t be more different) and has always inherited pieces from her siblings.

This formed the basis for her “costume-like wardrobe,” which she describes as a marriage between a cirque performer and Marlene Dietrich. It also didn’t hurt that her family lives just minutes from the Orange Circle, where she spent all her extra time in high school admiring antiques and classic clothes. Her first job? Elsewhere Vintage, where she still shops today. Music came later—at age 14, when she found her great-grandmother’s record player and fell in love with jazz. Right now, Hamilton is finishing up her first release and music video—a showcase of her sound and style. In fact, style is “central” to her profession: “If I walked into a music meeting without being gussied up, they would lose the image that is connected to my sound.” She adores 1930s designer Elsa Schiaparelli and admires how consistent the brand has remained. Kate Spade’s also a must, for “the silly pieces every girl needs.” And you can bet she’ll be sporting something from Gucci this fall—like the teal sequined chinoiserie-inspired dress with mink accents on the sleeves. The one thing she won’t leave home without? A cat-eye.


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