What's Brewing

Briar Davis | May 16, 2018 | Feature Features National

Rise and grind with help from these buzzing coffee brands.
Coffee Dose's Mary Jane blends CBD, housemade almond milk and espresso.

1. Coffee Dose
Nestled in East Eighteenth Salon, this bistro is best known for its “fancy” lattes, cold-brew coffee and gluten-free treats made of natural ingredients. Coffee Dose carries a Specialty Rx menu of killer combinations like The Burner, The Beauty and The Mary Jane, made with pure CBD oil and housemade nut milk. Be sure to grab a vegan donut from The Caffeinated Kitchen on your way out. Oh, and make sure your mobile is charged—there are plenty of Insta-worthy moments to be had. Costa Mesa

2. Morning Lavender
Earlier this year, husband-and-wife duo Jason and Kim Le branched beyond ML’s clothing options and opened a darling coffee shop space. Morning Lavender CafĂ© serves up picture-perfect coffees and teas made of fine ingredients, such as Lavender Lattes and Jasmine Milk Tea. Opt for an afternoon tea on Saturdays and Sundays on the gorgeous patio. Tustin

3. BLK Brewing Co.
Caffeine fiends will love Fullerton-based cold-brew company BLK Brewing Co. With bottles that mimic their beer counterpart, the 100 percent organic French roast brew has been picked up by roughly 60 eateries and shops throughout O.C., including Roger’s Gardens. The ingredients? Simply purified mineral water and coffee. Bottoms up! Fullerton


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