Tropical Trek

| April 8, 2016 | Parties

The exotic allure of Cuba sizzled on Newport Beach’s shores when Childhelp’s O.C. chapter put on its Havana Nights gala, an evening of good-hearted gambling (think roulette and blackjack), bidding (a trip to Montana took off with $9,750) and fundraising (to the tune of more than $260,000 net).

Some 350 jet-setters donned the colors of the Caribbean and alighted on Balboa Bay Resort for the affair. Philanthropist Neda Eaton looked pretty in hot pink, while committee member Christine Bren tucked a scarlet flower behind her ear. And nonprofit ambassador Maksim Chmerkovskiy (you’ll know him from Dancing With the Stars) sported a sleek suit. Also caught among the crowd were co-chairwomen Kristen James, Linda Burns and Krista Arce; and VIP Dru Hammer.

Got the travel bug yet? Here’s a bit more: Rum drinks were toasted in honor of Michelle and Jim Yang. The duo was recognized for their work with abused kids at the organization’s Costa Mesa facilities—that’s a trip we’ll take any day. -Photography by Ann Chatillon and Nick Shetterly of NASFILMS


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