The Trend-Setting Rugs of Lawrence of La Brea

By Lawrence of La Brea | May 18, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

Lawrence of La Brea is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the fine rugs and textiles industry for over 30 years. The current owner, David Nourafshan, started working in the family business from the age of thirteen and is the brainchild behind the company’s success.


Lawrence of La Brea boasts a reputation for providing Los Angeles with the most exclusive and luxurious fine rugs and textiles -- adding a polished allure to your home. Nothing speaks of bespoke luxuries like the personalized, especially hand-picked rugs that David curates to transform your home and give it a confidence boost.


Over the last 30 years, the team at Lawrence of La Brea has passionately focused its energy on creating and curating luxurious, tasteful rugs that pair with spaces of all kinds. “A rug is not just a decoration. It’s a way of life -- and a powerful expression of an individual’s personality,” David says. His carefully curated one-of-a-kind rugs bring warmth and comfort to your space. David has personally curated the perfect rug for the homes of A-list celebrities including Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Minka Kelly, Ashley Tisdale, Maria Sharapova, Hillary Duff, and many more.


Keeping aside the gorgeous rugs, what truly helps Lawrence of La Brea stand out from its competitors is its fair and transparent pricing. Customers are never thrown off by “hidden prices” (or, as David calls it, “celebrity taxes”), and walk into the showroom knowing exactly what to expect in terms of pricing. The rugs have a fixed price, no matter who you are and what your property is worth.

When asked about fair pricing within the industry, David comments, “Here [at Lawrence of La Brea] the cost of the rug depends on the merits of the piece: including rarity, style, and size. To ensure we are priced fairly and our products are bought based on merit alone, we feature our prices on our website. Our beautiful carefully curated pieces are positively evocative and speak for themselves.”


Since its inception 30 years ago, top designers in Los Angeles and around the world jump at the chance to work alongside Lawrence of La Brea. “These rugs are truly elegant and timeless. There is a reason we have been able to shape the trends of interior design for the last 30 years. My clients are constantly wow-ed with the trendsetting rugs that they receive", says David.

Lawrence of La Brea, teamed with David’s keen eye and exemplary sales associates of more than 20 years, is the dream that provides your home with a soul. A truly trendsetting company with thousands of luxurious rugs from around the world waiting to transform any home. If you haven’t already, check out Lawrence of La Brea’s handpicked collection of fine rugs on their website, or pop into their LA showroom to browse through their larger inventory. Lawrence of La Brea will provide you with a rug that will make your space truly yours.

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