Tracy Schroeder's Health & Beauty Must-Haves

Michelle Pulfrey | May 1, 2017 | Feature Features

This on-the-go gal has mastered the art of beauty and the art of the deal.

Tracy Schroeder works double duty. She’s the VP of Schroeder Investment Partners, a real estate investment company, and the founder of Clerel Design, an interior design firm specializing in commercial property renovations. Her days begin before dawn with gym workouts and Pilates sessions. “After I shower, I can get ready for work in about one hour.” She often runs from job sites to the board, so she keeps things simple. “It’s not my personality to be overly made up, and I rarely touch up my makeup in the day. I enjoy letting it naturally wear off and having the glow of my skin come through—unless, of course, I have a formal event out or a date night.”


Dr. Joannie Sun
Advanced Dermatology
230 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.706.7766

Jen Ryan
Obagi Skin Health Institute
883 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, 949.494.1900

Louis Orozco
Madison Salon
445 E. 17th St., Ste. B, Costa Mesa, 949.270.6240

“Garrett Reta at Curl Fitness gets up at 4am to work out with me. He’s thoughtful but tough, and he pushes me beyond what I think I can achieve.”


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