Ritz Blitz

| February 5, 2014 | Parties

It was the grandest of finales for a 27-year tradition for the Women of Chapman who, on one Saturday each winter, have taken over The Ritz Restaurant to mingle, indulge in mushroom cappuccino-and raise money for O.C.’s beloved Chapman University. What made this year so special? There was the ubergenerous gift from Catherine and James Emmi-it tallied in excess of $10 million. And then there were the models in high fashions, and opportunity drawings for shopping sprees, getaways and lovely things that sparkle. And about next year-don’t worry, we’re certain this tradition will carry on, even if it is The Ritz’s last winter at its landmark location. We’re excited to see what happens next! –Photos by Peggy O’Donnell and John Saade


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