Q&A with Travel Expert Sam Jordan, Founder + President, EnviTours

By EnviTours | July 27, 2021 | People, Lifestyle, Travel, Sponsored Post,


What are some of your favorite travel experiences to date? My favorite travel experiences are ones that make me feel a genuine connection to a place. While traveling in Bali, I stopped at one of the thousands of temples on the island and was inspired to join in on the Hindu ritual that was taking place.


What does travel look like in the Summer of 2021? This has been an interesting year for travel with many destinations still figuring out how to operate with varying COVID regulations but people are definitely ready to get back out there and the doors are open. We are seeing a lot of people heading back to Europe this Summer after the continent was mostly closed down for 2020. People are also using this time to reconnect with family around the States. With anywhere you’re traveling to this summer make sure to know what regulations and requirements are in place.

How does one find the best local cuisine when traveling to a new place? Talk with a local! This sounds obvious but no matter how much googling or reading guides can help before you get on a trip, the best way is to speak with locals. Before I sell any EnviTours package I have to go on the trip myself to meet and talk with locals so that know that we are offering the best local experiences.



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