Pipeline To a Cure Event

| October 26, 2017 | Parties

Pipeline to a Cure made a splash with a $540,000 net tally.

THE PARTY A decade of flip-flops, surf stars and fundraising in a manner befitting the SoCal coast—it all crested at the 10th anniversary of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Pipeline to a Cure. THE GUESTS More than 800 folks rolled into the Hyatt Regency H.B. for the affair, which celebrated the discovery that saltwater mist has a positive effect on the lungs of those who suffer from the life-threatening condition. Spotted on the scene: Ed Lee (of Wahoo’s fame) and wife Michal; watermen and honorary co-chairs Dave Kalama and Jamie Mitchell; and 42 individuals who have been to every Pipeline, including Bill Phillips. THE HIGHLIGHTS While the auctions made a splash (a stay at Casa Karma in Mexico sold three times for a total of $34,500), the honorees, like Calvin Saxton and his family, shined the brightest. The 18-year-old has been donating profits from his T-shirt brand to CFF since day one. In his words: “Give as much as you can.” No wonder it all brought in $540,000 net. -Kristen Schott

Photos by Jenna Rae Armstrong and Dan Hopkinson/Pipeline to a Cure


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