Party Animals!

| December 27, 2011 | Parties National

THE PARTY Ted Baker, the famed British clothing store, went wild for the grand opening of its Fashion Valley store. Guests donned monkey and tiger masks, and the evening’s mascot, Codi the macaw, managed a perfect British accent. (Kidding.) THE SCENE The wild thangs came out in droves, nibbling tea sandwiches and Scotch eggs courtesy of Campine catering. Meanwhile, Bombay Sapphire was in the house, doling out safari-inspired cocktails including the Zoo-lander. THE HIGHLIGHTS When they weren’t pursuing the stylish British togs, guests modeled animal masks and posed for flipbooks made by A Little Scene. DJ Adam Salter spun the tunes with live drumming by Jon Hulgion. Consider it the ideal shopping music, as shopgirls frantically rung up sequined dresses and girly bow tops. For the English gents: Any tweed and plaid will do. Photography by Kevin Kemp


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