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| October 11, 2020 | People

Richard Moriarty


"World Domination through Vinification"

Richard Moriarty, resident and owner of Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery has been a central figure and leader amongst Orange County’s event and party planning community. Moriarty parlayed his innate ability to entertain and event plan into a lucrative business. Founded in 1998, Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery quickly filled the void in Orange County through the creation of high quality and locally produced wines, all conveniently set within a majestic event space.

Located on the Newport Beach Back Bay, Moriarty built the 3.5 acre property from the ground up, painstakingly cultivating magnificent horticultural gardens. Frequently featured for it’s architecture and design, the vineyard is the first “grape to glass” winery in Orange County and a hidden gem that has quietly become one of OC’s most sought after event spaces.

As a member of one of Orange County’s most successful families, The Segerstrom Family, Richard Moriarty has a deep understanding and respect for both land and business. For businessmen like Moriarty, once one goal is met another must be set. So, like the days of his lavished parties, Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery will be something that Richard Moriarty will be able to look back on as an imprint that he has left on Orange County and its residents. Moriarty, with wife Marilyn, are now moving on to new projects and developments, which if history has shown, will be something worth talking about and certainly a good time.

2128 Mesa Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660




“The winner is always part of the answer...the loser is always part of the excuse” -MySensi

Adam Amer is ranked in the top five nationally as a financial professional in his field. His comprehensive approach to constructing financial solutions has allowed him to thrive in the industry. He got started in finance after the 2008 housing market crash. Displaced and living off very little, Amer chose to pursue finance regardless of what anyone thought. He started at J.P Morgan, tapped into the real estate market (Vault King Investments) and soon after fell into one of the largest direct lenders in the United States. Amer immediately began breaking records, funding astronomical amounts annually. As he explains, “My passion / entrepreneurial spirit married perfectly with my passion for protecting American homes and assisting those without homes in achieving their dreams of ownership. I am extremely thankful to the executive teams always around me for always pushing me past my limits and believing in me from the beginning giving the opportunity to express my talents beyond the average boundaries.

How has Amer set himself apart? “The main thing that sets me apart is that this career was never about the money. In all aspects of life I strive for mastery and consistent improvement. Whether it is finances, friends, family, mental health, or relationships you should always try to be the absolute best you can be. Every time you choose to go above and beyond in any aspect of life, someone else’s life will be positively affected. Exceptional practices create exponentially more dynamic results and this is something that I try to carry over to my team every day.”

When asked about what it means to be a Modern Man, Amer explains: “Unfortunately in this day and age, masculinity has a rather poor reputation. A man should be self sufficient and self respecting. He should also be generous with his good fortune and a defender of those who cannot protect themselves. I believe that you have to develop your own edge and boldly pursue what you want out of your life. Never take no for an answer, and be able to tell the people closest to you no. Lastly, stability, balance & focus is what builds the empire.”





“The Modern man has too many masks to wear. We must unmask and be ourselves, sincerely, earnestly and live truly as we are and give all that we have.”

Thomas Brechtel is the Chief Revenue Officer at Form I-9 Compliance, LLC headquartered in Newport Beach, California. As a member of the executive team since inception in 2004, Form I-9 Compliance has provided end-to-end compliance software with full Form I-9 and E-Verify integration through the Department of Homeland Security, enabling employers across the United States to eliminate the associated risk. For decades, Brechtel’s family has been instrumental and major contributors in the area of workplace compliance for employers across the United States, and he brings a unique diversity of experience in relationship management, strategic planning and web-based technology solutions. His first-hand knowledge and expertise in the field of I-9 & E-Verify Compliance has positioned him as an unparalleled subject matter expert in the industry. He played a major role and continues to be influential in the overall product design and functionality of Form I-9 Compliance’s suite of Electronic I-9, E-Verify, Auditing, Conversion and Federal Contractor services. His ability to understand the client’s needs and create a customized implementation strategy further differentiates Form I-9 Compliance in the marketplace.

What have been the keys to Brechtel’s success? “Expertise, innovation and application of our product and personal understanding of our industry.” He regularly attends meetings with key Congressional Representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss and make recommendations on E-Verify as Congress considers reforms in preparation for mandating its use. Thomas holds a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in Law and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations. He and his wife Linda reside in Orange County and their son, Taylor resides in Los Angeles. Linda, an accomplished interior designer and cookbook author, was previously featured in the Modern Luxury Riviera, Restaurant Issue with the tag line, “Delicious Designs”.

24 Corporate Plaza Suite 190
Newport Beach, California 92660




“The persistence to keep going and not giving up is the only difference between achieving the desired outcome or not achieving it."

Filipp Chebotarev co-founded Cambridge Companies SPG in 2010, a strategic opportunity investment company that invests in a variety of verticals including real estate, private equity and venture capital transactions. His day to day includes managing portfolio companies, raising capital for new acquisitions and managing the divestiture of matured assets.

What does a typical day look like? “I always start my morning with a strong coffee and a Tosi bar, then off to the gym.” Chebotarev explains.

“Fitness is very important to me so I get in the gym 5 times per week. After the workout I start work which is typically strategy sessions with the portfolio companies leadership teams, category research, evaluating new investments and raising capital to fund those new investments.

I’m typically more involved in the day to day or week to week operations of earlier stage businesses in which we have a 20% or higher equity position. I don’t let the importance of day to day operations stop me from thinking ahead, I dedicate one day each week for strategic planning for the long term success of Cambridge SPG.”

Chebotarev credits his success to his persistence and positive mindset. “Important milestones, nice things, and difficult to achieve accomplishments have been very hard to come by and usually before each important conquest there was a multitude of trial and error or failure. I’m a big believer in the power of positivity and attribute my happiness to the mindset that no matter what happens things will work out positively overall.” In addition to his business success, Chebotarev is also known for his philanthropic work. He is a major donor to the Jewish National Fund, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Shoes That Fit, which gives kids in need new shoes to attend school.





“Champion of the underdog”

Jason T. Conforti has built a reputation in Southern California as the go-to for criminal defense needs. Conforti, who has over 10 years of experience in federal court, specializes in federal and white-collar criminal defense for both individuals and businesses. He’s achieved numerous accolades including being named to the California Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists, and was recently selected to serve on the Forbes Business Council.

Through a keen understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their individual cases, Conforti is able to put together a game plan to successfully navigate through the legal minefield his clients are facing. He also places a high importance on understanding his clients’ needs and wants and being willing to have the tough conversations so they know what they’re up against.

Conforti credits his success to both his trial skills and his work ethic, as well as his ability to educate, persuade, and advocate for his clients, as in his work it’s critically important to get a message across to twelve jurors. He serves as the champion and the voice of his clients, defending and fighting for their life and liberty, as there’s nothing more important when there’s a threat of either being taken away. When not in the courtroom, Conforti prioritizes family, spending time with his wife (also a successful lawyer!) and two children.

550 West C Street, Suite 620
San Diego CA 9210




“We strive to provide very natural, beautiful results that not only meet, but exceed expectations.”

Dr. Mark Gaon is a third-generation physician who understands the importance of working with patients to help them achieve their goals. Dr. Gaon says, “Many surgeons try to sell patients on creating a “new you” using their own artistic interpretations. I am of the school of thought that works towards bringing back the “old you,” the younger more vibrant side of you. I strive to bring form and function of the face and body back to the way it was at a more youthful time in every patient.”

Gaon Plastic Surgery is patient-centric to the extreme. Dr. Gaon explains “There is no set formula or assembly-line mentality that we approach our patients with. From the moment of first contact, patients realize that they are getting a customized experience with us. We come up with an individualized treatment plan for each and every patient that takes into account their individual anatomy and cosmetic wishes.”

When asked what advice he would share, Dr. Gaon says: “The best advice is to follow your passion. If you enjoy what you do each and every day, it will never become a chore. Set personal goals and manifest those goals by working towards them a little bit at a time until they become your new reality. In addition, make sure to set aside protected time for yourself and your loved ones. You will be remembered in perpetuity for the way you treated the people that you care about most, rather than how many hours you dedicated to the workplace.”

What are the keys to Dr. Gaon’s success? “Assembling the right team. As with any other endeavor, triumphs are seldom the result of a single individual forging a path to success on his or her own. We rely on those around us to propel us forward to bring out the best in ourselves, and we reap the benefits together.”

1501 Superior Avenue, Suite 300
Newport Beach, CA 92663




“A Modern Man should focus on ideas that are larger than himself, ideas that go beyond the fancy of the moment and instead offer lasting influence. Timeless ideas, forms, and experiences are what I strive for with my architecture."

Anders Lasater opened the doors to his own firm in 2005, and is known for his innovative designs for residential, restaurant, retail, and hotel projects. “The architecture we live and work in affects us in powerful, yet subtle ways, but most times we don’t notice or understand the effect it has on us. I do, and I’ve made a career out of leveraging that effect to craft meaningful spaces for the intimate moments of my client’s lives. I’m grateful for the trust my clients invest in me - and I strive to return dividends on that investment with great architecture for them.” Lasater says.

Lasater’s current projects span the globe. His team is finishing construction of homes in Newport and Laguna Beach, some of which were recently honored with awards for outstanding design by the American Institute of Architects, as well as working on several exciting home designs about to start construction in locations like the big island of Hawaii, Chicago, and even along the Peloponnese coast of Greece.

How has Lasater become so successful? “I’ve always figured that, to stay ahead, you’ve got to act like you’re behind. You can’t let yourself, or those around you get too comfortable with where you are. Stepping outside your comfort zone is the first step towards growth, both in business and personally and I’ve found that to be a great compass for success. Take that leap of faith and welcome the changes it will bring, let it be the engine of innovation and creativity.”

384 Forest Avenue, #12
Laguna Beach, CA 92651




“I will never stop challenging my team to raise the bar on who we are and what we do. I always tell them that we will be a better company next year than we were this year.”

Epic Ceramic & Stone is a full service tile and stone contractor focused on the customer experience led by owner Josiah Lilly. Lilly and his team use technology, innovation and a passion for excellence to continue to define and elevate this industry. The company is continuing to expand and just opened up their third fabrication shop, a 30,000 square foot state of the art facility.

How has Lilly built and sustained Epic Ceramic & Stone’s success? “Creating a company culture that feels like a big family, I’ve been told by so many of my employees over the years that they have never worked at a company that feels so much like a family. That honestly is the biggest compliment I could receive and makes all the work worth it. That company culture translates over to our clients’ experience, and ultimately our commitment to delivering the best product possible.”

When asked what advice he would have for other business owners, Lilly says: “Take the time to think about who you want to be as a company and the story you want to tell and commit to it. When you embrace that in a very authentic way then you attract the kind of client that believes in who you are and what you do.”

3100 W Central Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704




“CaliFino was a passion project that’s grown exponentially in the last two years and we’re just trying to enjoy the ride along the way!”

Miguel Luna and Phil Salvagio founded CaliFino Tequila to bring craft luxury tequila to the masses. The men met through professional soccer (Luna was playing for the San Diego Sockers, Phil was owner and coach for the San Diego Sockers) where Luna would share his family tequila in the locker room. Tequila runs in Luna’s blood - his grandfather, Don Jose Luna, would get private batches of tequila from the Highlands of Arandas in Jalisco, Mexico and share them with his family and friends, a tradition he passed down to Miguel.

As the hype around the tequila grew, Luna and Salvagio formed a partnership to launch CaliFino Tequila in October 2018, focusing on the San Diego market. CaliFino Tequila offers four expressions, Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo, all with 100% Ultra Premium Blue Weber Agave. Their tequila is for sipping - no lime and salt! - with craftsmanship and quality included in every step, from aging in American white oak barrels to the bottles designed with attention to detail, including real leather labels and rope made of the leftover agave fibers.

What’s next for Luna and Salvagio? Expanding the brand with continued distribution in Southern California as well as locations around the country, starting a new gelato line that takes the CaliFino recipes and transforms them into frozen desserts and we’re also building out a new event space to host private tastings, events and to represent what the CaliFino culture means to us, “smooth sipping and fine experiences” (Fino lounge, private lockers, golf simulator, education, gelato experience, etc.

San Diego, CA




“Know what you’re good at, understand how it helps people – and do more of it.”

Companies often struggle with the complexity and cost of marketing. Jonathan Mayer works with clients to create simple, strategic and effective plans that promote awareness, growth, and most importantly profit. Mayer designs and executes strategies that allow businesses to better reach clients, communicate their strengths, and ultimately increase business through confidence in their marketing. He’s worked with clients including Lugano Diamonds, Euroline Steel Windows & Doors, Casoro Jewelry Safes, and Brandon Architects.

His ability to adapt and his dedication to relationships have served him well throughout his career. His design business survived the downturn of 2008 and his long-lasting partnerships (some more than a decade) with Orange County’s most dynamic brands are a few things he’s most proud of. Personally and professionally, Mayer focuses on growing core strengths and he advises his clients to do the same.





“A monkey, 2 gogo dancers, and a priest walk into a bar.... I probably had something to do with it”

Tell us about Kace Face Promotions (Hustle Monkey, Inc): We’re a ffull service event production, and staffing company. Everything from romantic al fresco dinners in your home, to Drive-In Movies in the park. If you’re looking to host a memorable event, we’ll bring your vision to life along with providing exceptional service.

What does an average day look like for you? Amazingly hectic. We have a wide range of events on the books at all times and I like to be fully involved in all of them. If I had to note three things that are consistent every day, it would be exercise, the outdoors, and a lot of food.

What do you consider to be the keys of your success? A solid group of people surrounding me, decades of experience and an insatiable desire to bring everyone together for a good time.

What is the best advice you can share? Start a side hustle, take risks and if you have a passion, pursue it. The best outcomes I’ve ever experienced were from not being entirely certain. At the very least, you’ll have fun during the journey.

What is most important for our readers to know about you? I have ADHD. It was a bit of a struggle handling it when I was younger however; it has turned into an asset. Long hours and a million things going on at once? Sign me up.





“I truly love people and possess an unbridled passion for the industry. Without those two character traits, real estate would be a tough sea to navigate!”

John McMonigle’s Agent inc. is truly “agent centric.” It was conceived by McMonigle and Scott MacDonald and specifically designed for agents to provide elevated service to their clientele, while giving them all of the tools they need to achieve success. “It’s important to understand that today, many large real estate firms are run by executives that have personally never sold a home or represented a buyer. Agent Inc. is the exact opposite. We know what it takes to enjoy the best possible career in real estate, and we’ve created the proprietary technology, marketing strategies, and ancillary companies to help our agents elevate.” McMonigle says.

How has McMonigle achieved his success? “Since the very beginning of my career, I have focused much of my energy and attention on the art of marketing, especially in the luxury real estate realm. By keeping up with the latest advancements in media platforms and consistently creating engaging advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, I’ve been able to connect with a larger group of people. Aside from marketing, I truly love people and possess an unbridled passion for the industry. Without those two character traits, real estate would be a tough sea to navigate!”

What’s up next for Agent inc.? “We expanded our digital suite by introducing the Agent, and our new AI Touch CRM system, giving agents and clients instant remote access to all of the information they need. We also just launched a new issue of Elevated magazine, our own luxury real estate and lifestyle publication filled with insight and interviews, events and exclusive listings.”

3500 East Coast Highway, Suite 110
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
CA DRE: 02068079




"My top priority is to provide patients with beautiful, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing results in a safe environment,” he says.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is taking the nation by storm and quickly becoming the most sought-after facial plastic surgeon. Trained in fine arts, he makes the combination of art and science his trademark for producing incredibly natural results that do not indicate surgical intervention.

His peers laud him as the “Best Aesthetic Doctor” also awarding him “Best Overall Facial Rejuvenation” at the Aesthetic Show. In addition, he has been voted “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” six years in a row by the OC Register voters. He has been a guest of national television shows, including an appearance on NBC’s “The Doctors,” highlighting his rhinoplasty techniques.

As the creator of “The Triple Layered “C” Plication,” Dr. Sadati has an online reputation for facial rejuvenation almost as flawless as his patients’ results. His skillful and artistic hands have encouraged over 700 five-star reviews, a rarity in his field. His goal is to help his patients regain a more youthful appearance, one that mirrors the reflection they see in their mind’s eye.

Dr. Sadati’s AAAHC accredited surgical suite is equipped with sophisticated surgical equipment and devices to ensure patient safety. His Newport Beach ultra-luxury office is a testament to his appreciation for the arts and commitment to patient care. His commitment extends to his peers. He takes pride in sharing his facial rejuvenation technique with other plastic surgeons, teaching and presenting at national plastic surgery meetings.





“The biggest key to success is desire and passion about one’s work.”

Visionary Eye Institute, founded and led by Dr. Ehsan Sadri, is a world-class ophthalmology practice focused on providing state-of-the-art eye surgery and clinical trials, with a mission to provide the best technologies for his patients. “In my line of work we believe in helping people see better and providing an unmet need and creating technologies that will be able to have patients seeing again” says Dr. Sadri.

His specialties include LASIK, cataract and glaucoma surgeries, and he’s performed thousands of eye surgeries utilizing advanced techniques for treatment of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. He is well regarded as a thought leader on the latest techniques for vision correction and preservation. In addition, Dr. Sadri also founded Visionary Ventures Capital Fund located right in Orange County. This fund invests in life sciences and the future of ophthalmology, with the goal of bringing new startups to life.

361 Hospital Road #324
Newport Beach, CA 92663
O: 949.307.0582 C: 949.528.3608
Co-Founder, GP Visionary Venture Capital Fund




“There is but one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way” -Christopher Morley

At 87, Ron Salisbury is a hospitality legend, with no signs of slowing down. He has spent his entire life in the restaurant industry, with his first memories of life at the El Cholo Restaurant in the 1930’s, which his parents owned and operated and Salisbury then purchased in 1966. Salisbury opened multiple additional El Cholo locations in L.A. and Orange County, as well as founding The Cat & the Custard Cup and The Cannery Restaurant.

At age 85, Sailsbury took over the former Chart House Restaurant and The Ritz Restaurants, creating the new Louie’s by the Bay. The restaurant is named in honor of Sailsbury’s lifelong friend Louie Zamperini and takes modern Italian steakhouse cuisine to the next level, while providing a relaxed yet upscale atmosphere right on the water for the OC community.

Sailsbury has achieved his seven decades of success through incredible attention to detail, creating restaurants that keep customers coming back from more. Salisbury says, “The restaurant business is not for most people, but if you have the emotional profile and dedication it’s very rewarding - it’s like a party every night where someone else cooks and washes the dishes.”

What’s next for Salisbury? He still works seven days a week, often twelve hour days, and in addition to helming his restaurant empire, he is involved with numerous charities including The Cannery Baseball Hot Stove Dinners, featuring some of the greatest names in baseball history, giving back to the community. He also is extremely active, spending time with his seven children, seventeen grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. He also flies his own plane, has authored two books, and is part owner of a minor league baseball team.

El Cholo Restaurants
The Cannery Seafood of the Pacific
Louie’s by the Bay
2808 LaFayette Avenue, Newport Beach, CA 92663




"Now, perhaps more than any other time in modern history, it's important to work with a financial professional who will always put your needs first."

Whether it’s regarding the state of our health or the management of our wealth, we intrinsically understand the value of trusted, expert advice. Now, perhaps more than any other time in modern history, it’s important to work with a financial professional who will always put your needs first. Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms like SEIA are held to the highest fiduciary duty of care – regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and state securities authorities. Additionally, any professional who holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation must meet an even more rigorous fiduciary standard – abiding by a code of ethics, rules of conduct and a mandate to provide financial planning services as fiduciaries

Nobody knows what the future holds for the economy and the financial markets. What you can know for sure, however, is the value of the trusted advice you receive from the respected fiduciaries at SEIA.

Terence Da Cunha is a Senior Partner with Signature Estate & Investment Advisors, LLC in the Newport Beach branch. He’s been managing portfolios for over 30 years, and joined SEIA in 2006. His emphasis is Investment Planning and Wealth Management, and he is very well versed in the discipline of technical analysis for portfolio risk management.

$500,000 minimum investment for Investment Advisory services. Securities offered through Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through SEIA, LLC. Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. CA INSURANCE LICENSE 0F61938

610 Newport Center Drive, Suite 300
Newport Beach, CA 92660


VINCE SPINNATO, Photography: Vincent Vallejo. Hair & Makeup: Joanna Locke.Styling: Roberto Racanelli


“Creating a world of beauty that enables clients to make the best impression in their professional lives, and during their leisure times.”

Vince Spinnato’s companies TurnKey Beauty Inc., VS Vincenzo Ltd Inc., and Vincenzo Skincare LLC provide product formulation and development for the personal care industry, everything from bath & body to haircare to cosmetics to fine fragrance. “Very simply, I create the best products by using the finest ingredients to help people look and feel their best. Excellence is the ultimate goal in all that I do for my own beauty lines and for my celebrity clientele,” Spinnato says.

To achieve this, Spinnato brought together a group of cosmetic and personal care experts to handle product development, performance testing and manufacturing all under one roof.

His keys to success include his drive to be the best. “I have very high standards in creating products that help people look and feel beautiful. I believe the work, research and time put into creating these brands have helped me build successful businesses and partnerships with celebrities and companies desiring quality signature products.”

After 25 years in development, Spinnato is ready to celebrate the launch of his long-awaited luxury skincare line, Caviar & Diamonds. Once again captivating some of the world’s finest natural materials, this product will set the new standard for skincare for the elite.

Next up, he will be releasing his book, “My Pursuit of Beauty—A Cosmetic Chemist Reveals the Glitz, the Glam and the Batsh*t Crazy of The Beauty Industry”, along with a documentary profiling his life and career coming up through the business. Spinnato recently announced his support to Orange County based charity Wells of Life, provider of clean water wells to Uganda. “As a chemist I am well aware of the toxins hiding in water in third world countries. A portion of my proceeds from my Caviar and Diamonds product line will go to fund a water well for a village in rural Uganda. “While you are nourishing your skin with my fine products, you are simultaneously nourishing a village in need with the gift of clean water.”

34700 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 309
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624




“I have always urged our staff members to treat our Guests as though you were entertaining them in their own homes.”

Chef/Restaurateur David Wilhelm is an industry icon in Orange County, having created some of the region’s most well-known and beloved restaurants over the past nearly four decades, from Kachina to Sorrento Grille to French 75 to Diva and Chat Noir all helping to put Orange County on the map as a dining destination. In July 2019, Wilhelm continued his streak of success with the opening of Tavern House in Newport Beach.The restaurant can be thought of as a “greatest hits tour” for Wilhelm that both local residents and visitors know and love, taking comfort food and elevating it with high quality ingredients to create craveable dishes, such as his Signature Buttermilk Fried Chicken.

The restaurant also capitalizes on its location by focusing on fresh, environmentally responsible seafood in their daily “from ocean to grill” offerings. Like many of Wilhelm’s other successful restaurants, Tavern House attracts a diverse audience - young singles, families, locals - who are looking for high quality food and a warm, welcoming place. Wilhelm and his team think through every detail of the guest experience, even drawing on his past career as a musician to create an eclectic playlist that pairs with the dining experience. What advice would Wilhelm have for restaurateurs just starting out? “It’s all about how you define and develop your concept and how you separate yourself from the pack.” It’s clear with Tavern House, yet another example of Wilhelm’s unique concepts, he’s created yet another concept that’s a hit with Orange County diners

333 Bayside Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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