Mighty Oak

Jamie Gwen | November 20, 2017 | Feature Features

Indulgent fare and seaside views await at a newcomer to Laguna Beach's culinary scene.
Dive in to chef Chris Tzorin's delectable octopus and pork belly dish adorned with avocado foam, baby arugula and Sriracha aioli

THERE'S SOMETHING WONDERFUL about beach-chic concepts. The salty air, the swaying palm trees, a cocktail in the afternoon. And perched above the bustling beachgoers, surfers carrying boards and lucky locals strolling PCH sits a new splendid spot that’s totally beach-chic. The chef has passion and family legacy, and the proprietors are locals with top-notch taste. Laguna, you’ve got a winner—with food as good as the view. A warm welcome to Oak.

Nestled in Laguna’s HIP District, at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Oak Street, the neighborhood spot is marked by a wraparound patio and second-floor views. It’s a handsome restaurant with a beautiful bar, sleek lines and tremendous hospitality—cool, hip and just intimate enough to make you feel like a local. The open-air seating is my vibe, and whether you’re there for Sunday brunch, lunch or dinner, you can catch up with a friend or plan a night out that is sure to satisfy.

Here’s a bit of backstory: Chef Chris Tzorin comes from culinary lineage; his father was the longtime chef at 21 Oceanfront and The Beach House, and the dishes at Oak draw upon Tzorin’s childhood memories of growing up in professional kitchens. The owners are Laguna Beach residents and wanted a place to hang and entertain. Put the two together and you get a lively atmosphere, authentic fare and a good dose of local ambiance. The servers are uberfriendly and the kitchen staff are all old comrades—it feels like family.


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