Kooshi Gourmet Expands Its Gourmet Meal Delivery Service to Orange County

Allison Mitchell | August 14, 2019 | Food & Drink


Organic ruby quinoa and vegetable bowl

Since its inception in Los Angeles in 2014, Kooshi Gourmet (kooshigourmet.com) has taken its chef-driven organic meal delivery service to San Francisco and, most recently, Orange County. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Albert and Amanda Melera, the company offers a variety of programs that range from its signature high-protein, gluten-free plan (1,500 calories, three meals per day from $58.50) to its paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, detox and newly launched keto options. Organic, local and seasonal ingredients are top of mind. "We believe that the landscape in Orange County is unique in its affinity toward health and beauty. It's inspiring to want to look and feel your best all year-round," says chef Albert. "With a farm-to-table focus, every detail of our seasonal menus are thoughtful, unrivaled and, most importantly, hand-delivered to the front door of your choosing; plus, we rotate dishes to keep things interesting for clients." Sample meals include organic banana oat pancakes or organic egg white crepes with sauteed baby spinach, caramelized onions and crispy turkey bacon for breakfast; Thai vegetable lettuce cups or lemon-roasted salmon with steamed asparaus, butternut squash and braised red lentils for lunch; and grilled citrus mahimahi with celery root puree, mango pineapple salsa, grilled asapargus and chives, or organic Asian stir-fry for dinner. For snackers, gluten-free cookies, fresh-pressed juices, and organic veggies and fruits with dips like almond butter curb cravings. "Kooshi has brought a private-chef approach to the meal-delivery industry," continues Albert. "Imagine having a personal chef who curates plans based on your individual requests on a daily basis—that's what we do here at Kooshi."


Photography by: Rick Diaz-Granados