Garden Of Flavor's Lisa Reed Talks Gardening, Superfoods And Beauty Elixirs

Phebe Wahl | October 19, 2020 | Food & Drink

Garden of Flavor founder Lisa Reed checks in to share what sprouted her booming business and the healing power of plants.

garden of flavor lisa reed

What inspired the launch? Garden of Flavor’s launch was a gradual progression, mirroring my own life journey. My favorite childhood memory will always be gardening with my mother. I remember being deeply fascinated with how vegetables, especially cauliflower and kale, evolved into their fullest form. Fast-forward to my adulthood, and my life took an unexpected turn when my mother developed cancer. As a sort of healing mechanism, I turned to Dr. Norman Walker’s book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices. After reading Dr. Walker’s book, juicing became my therapy, and I realized how much it could naturally heal those around me. I began to juice for anyone and everyone—family, friends, neighbors. Over time, I realized I was extremely passionate about juicing, so why not make it my next career? I opened a small local juice bar, then grocery stores in the area reached out and now we’re launching nationwide with Whole Foods Market!

How does your experience as a certified holistic educator, raw food chef and plant-based nutritionist influence product development? I have a unique mindset. When brainstorming how to approach recipe or product development, I put the customers’ needs first. My most influential thought is always, ‘How can our ingredients benefit my customers?’ I often start with a superfood that’s been on my mind and that I think more people should introduce to their diet. Our main drive is to aid our customers in their health journeys and help them treat their bodies with the utmost care.

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I hear your latest launch is a beauty elixir. Have you seen results yourself? Our aloe collagen elixir provides 10 grams of protein derived from marine collagen, as well as aloe, ginger, lemon and astragalus root. Personally, I love enjoying this elixir first thing in the morning because the lemon alkalizes my body, the ginger stimulates digestion, the guayusa provides morning energy and the aloe hydrates my skin. I’ve noticed fewer dry patches on my skin with a more dewy appearance, and my hair and nails have grown longer and stronger. Most importantly, customers have expressed to me that the elixir is helping clear up acne that has reappeared due to wearing a mask.

Why is now a great time for people to focus on their health? It has always been important to take care of our health, but so many more people are realizing it now. There are true benefits to adding organic fruits and vegetables to one’s diet. There has been extensive research on superfoods, like turmeric, aronia and wheatgrass, which can assist in improving immunity and overall health. A lot of the time, people tend to wait until a problem arises, then search for a remedy. By implementing these superfoods into an everyday routine, they can help to deter any issues that may arise. I’m also working on an elixir that helps with focus. The ingredient list will feature nootropics as well as another juice, tart cherry. This recipe was inspired by the work-from-home movement. I want this upcoming elixir to help our customers stay on task so everyone feels truly accomplished by the end of the day.

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