Creation of CaliFino

By Califino Tequila | June 22, 2021 | Food & Drink, Drink, Sponsored Post,

Old-time friends Miguel Luna and Phil Salvagio turned their passion project for a craft of luxury tequila into a reality. CaliFino was developed through endless rounds of ideas and family tastings to ensure a lavish recipe.


CaliFino is derived from the Luna family recipe crafted back in 1975. Don Jose Luna would visit close friends at family-owned distilleries in Arandas, Jalisco to taste private batches of tequila, moonshine style. Over time he developed a taste for the finest of tequilas, allowing him to refine his handcrafted recipe.


In 2003, Don Jose’s son, “Pops”, would fill Manzanita apple soda jugs with the family recipe and take them across the Mexican border to San Diego. “Pops” son, Miguel, began to bring water bottles filled with his family’s tequila to San Diego Sockers games, where he played professional soccer. The Luna’s tequila became a locker room celebratory tradition after winning games.


When Miguel finally moved forward to import a few bottles of the family batch up to San Diego for the team in 2014, Phil Salvagio, his head coach and longtime friend, wanted to take the project further. The duo worked together to begin their endeavor using the Luna family recipe.


CaliFino began as a zealous dream and developed into four expressions. Our vision was to create pure, smooth tequila that could be sipped straight without any additive, making any given experience better. So, tequila-lovers, we raise our glasses to you. Salud!



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