At The Cocktail Collective, There's A Drink For Everyone

The Editors | December 27, 2018 | Feature Eat Drink National

The city's nightlife rebellion has begun.
The Cocktail Collective at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Send ordinary nightlife into exile with an outing to The Dorsey, Rosina, and Electra, three distinctly different destinations for full sensory indulgence: beautifully crafted cocktails, visionary d├ęcor, lingering conversations, and delightfully open-ended evenings.

Inspired by you and your uncompromising thirst for quality, these three venues offer a radical departure from the familiar. Enter a new dimension at Electra Cocktail Club, where style endures and good taste is paramount. For ardent lovers of ambiance and seductive discovery, step inside Rosina. For the sunrise chasers, the fashionable, fanciful and the unapologetically adventurous, The Dorsey beckons. At The Cocktail Collective, the music beguiles, the cocktails slay and atmosphere conquers all.


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