Best of Culture & Lifestyle 2018

Meg McGuire, Allison Mitchell, Michelle Pulfrey and Kristen Schott | December 18, 2017 | Feature Features National

Best of Culture & Lifestyle

No demand is too outrageous for EUROCAR owner Larry Sands and his team of auto aces. And Sands certainly knows a thing or two about grandeur: He opened for Led Zeppelin during his previous rock ’n’ roll career and oversees luxury brands like Chrome Hearts Eyewear and Optical Shops of Aspen. For customers buying out of state, EUROCAR offers private flights or will deliver your Ferrari right to your door in every city in the United States. Living on a tropical island in a remote locale? No problem. There was even that time they agreed to dismantle a Lamborghini to accommodate a client’s request to hang parts of the car as art throughout his manse in Irvine. Oh, and when you stop by the fully stocked Costa Mesa showroom, don’t let its brilliant retail offerings—from stylish sunnies to rare timepieces—distract you from all the hot wheels that’ll be begging for a spot in your driveway. A McLaren 570GT with dihedral doors, anyone?

Take to the high seas with help from Chuck Hovey Yachts. The concierge-level team goes beyond the basics of brokering, helping clients find the right slip and maintenance services—even a friendly crew, when needed—and will travel near and far to present the perfect delivery. Case in point: A client who surprised her husband with a $3.9 million Fleming yacht for his birthday. “We arranged a surprise birthday party on the top level at The Cannery, delivering the vessel to the dock during the party with a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner and the boat’s horn sounding,” recalls Brian Hovey. “It was the best birthday celebration and the most extravagant gift ever.”

For more than 20 years, Flexjet has set the standard of excellence in private air travel. Combining concierge-level service and the industry’s youngest fleet of private aircraft, the brand specializes in keeping each owner’s personal tastes and expectations top of mind. Now, its most exclusive service, Red Label by Flexjet, offers an experience that feels more like whole aircraft ownership than the traditional fractional model. Artisanal interiors feature custom-designed furnishings with a dedicated crew on hand to cater to your every whim. This year, the much-anticipated Gulfstream G500 joins the fleet with Flexjet as the North American launch partner. Up, up and away!

Smokin’ hot—that’s the only way to describe real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin’s elite, exclusive Cubano Room in Newport Beach. Those lucky enough to earn a membership (via a formal interview process) will be provided with one of the 75 personal humidified cigar lockers, complete with their name engraved on the door. (Among the most rare selections housed here: a 24K gold leaf-wrapped cigar that’s been aged for 10 years.) The sleek club is open around the clock for its cool coterie of VIPs, who each have their own code to enter. Interested? The ideal member, says Khoshbin, is an “entrepreneur who likes to work out of his office for the first half of the day, then unwind with a fine cigar while closing last-minute business.” And you can close said biz amid the swanky scene. For more sizzle, Khoshbin is introducing nine Louis XIII cognac lockers this year. They’ll be the first of their kind in the United States.


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