Orange County's Contemporary-Modern Dance Company Backhausdance at The Barclay

Anna Dunn | May 9, 2019 | Lifestyle


Backhausdance performs “Quantum of Love”

In 2003, a group of graduating dance majors from Chapman University formed Backhausdance ( “At that time, there was not a professional contemporary-modern company in Orange County,” says Jennifer Backhaus. “So I decided to make one.” Now, ahead of the company’s performance May 22 at Irvine Barclay Theatre, Backhaus is filled with anticipation. “There is a huge excitement in making something no one has seen before,” shares the artistic director, referring to two world-premiere performances that evening, one of which was choreographed by the renowned Dwight Rhoden. “He is an amazing choreographer, a lovely person, and has an amazing dance history and legacy,” says Backhaus. Up next: a tour in Palm Desert and Temecula, collabs with new choreographers and a summer dance intensive for aspiring professionals. “The future is looking busy and bright!” Tickets from $40,


Photography by: Jack Hartin