Mareya Ibrahim Shares Tips to a Healthier Life Inside and Out

Wendy Bowman | April 16, 2019 | People

An author, holistic nutritionist and patented inventor, this Egypt-born trailblazer revolutionized the food industry with Eat Cleaner produce wash and is releasing her next book, Eat Like You Give a Fork, June 4.


My mission is to help people enjoy cleaner, safer, longer-lasting fresh food for their vibrant health and the planet. Eat Cleaner is where education and entertainment meet, from products to cooking videos, books and recipes to social media inspiration.

If I could eat only three things, they would be things I love! Avocado, wild-caught salmon and fresh white truffles.

The one thing I’ve done to change my health is invest in sleep. It’s sacred to me because it’s when we rejuvenate, produce hormones that help us combat stress and truly relax.

My top three tips for maintaining a healthier life are to eat and hydrate with intention and reverence to the Earth and your body; pray for everything because we are not strong enough to do it all on our own; and always be a kind person and smile. Frowning isn’t good for your soul or your lines.


Photography by: Danielle Nowak