GALAXY SKY. Timeless fascination.

By Buben&Zo;̈rweg | April 27, 2022 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,


The GALAXY is a BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece, straight in design with timeless Art Deco elements and perfect in the craftsmanship of the finest materials.

Exclusive woods with perfect grain, the finest lacquers and powerful stainless steel accents. When the doors open, the soul of GALAXY is revealed: a BUBEN&ZORWEG safe with VdS certification. An innovative and award-winning symbiosis of design and functionality.

The GALAXY SKY is the latest interpretation of BUBEN&ZORWEG ́S innovative and award-winning GALAXY masterpiece series. Exclusive woods, finest lacquers and modern carbon accents make the GALAXY SKY a truly unique object of luxury. You can choose between three fascinating interior options: Nova Orange, Silver Grey and Night Blue.




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