7 Top Art Influencers

Tina Borgatta and Kristen Schott | November 28, 2016 | Feature Features National

Artists on the next generation and more!
“California Revisited” by Tyler Warren, whose work has captured the attention of established artist and surfer Brian Bent

Curated Up-And-Comers
We asked these established O.C.-based artists who’s piquing their interest.
Brian Bent
He designed the interiors for Becker Surfboard shops up and down the coast, and his distinctive paintings created an iconic brand image. Yet, Brian Bent considers himself more a surfer than an artist. Which is why he appreciates the work of Tyler Warren: “He has this ability to capture the intangible art form of surfing and make it a tangible thing through his art.”

Chantal deFelice
She finds inspiration in the marine environment and urban landscapes, and creates stunning visuals through a variety of media—photography, woodworking and painting. So it stands to reason that Chantal deFelice would be captivated by E.E. Jacks: “I’m especially enamored by her nighttime swimming pool scenes. The way she portrays the translucency and viscosity of the water... amazes me.”

James Verbicky
James Verbicky’s large-scale mixed media works draw upon today’s culture and make a bold statement about life in an age when information is consumed at a rapid pace, so it’s understandable that the bold, distinctive artwork of Justin Bower would strike a chord: “His portraits are truly original. ... His color and painting technique are right up there with Marilyn Minter’s work.”


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