5 Questions: John Varvatos

Tina Borgatta | October 9, 2017 | Feature Features

The menswear designer re-created his NYC runway show at South Coast Plaza Saturday for his local followers, and Modern Luxury caught up with him for a chat about the hottest fall styles.
Designer John Varvatos

1. How big of a task was it to replicate the magic from your NYC show at South Coast Plaza?
Much less daunting than creating the show from scratch. That said, there was a lot to do with castings, fittings, show production, etc.

2. You’re pretty popular (an understatement, of course) among Orange County’s sartorialists. What is it about your approach to design that creates such universal coast-to-coast appeal?
That’s nice to hear. I think we do consistently masculine, innovative yet accessible clothing. I always think about our guy who appreciates the idea of evolution rather than revolution in regard to fashion.

3. What three words do you think best describe your FW17 collection?
Wild at heart!

4. What are the three must-haves from the collection that belong in every well-dressed Orange County gentleman's wardrobe?
It’s the season of the jacket. Depending on your lifestyle, it could be a leather jacket, a soft tailored jacket and a great pair of boots.

5. And, finally, we just gotta ask... What's the one thing you’re looking forward to doing most during your time in O.C.?
Hangin’ with my friends and meeting all the great O.C. people attending our show.


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