5 Plated Palettes of Culinary Art

Kristen Schott | December 5, 2016 | Feature Features

These restaurants have a culinary vision, and they deliver delicious works of art.
Artistry on a plate by Studio

1. Raya
We don’t know what we like better—the oceanfront view or Steve Wan’s whole branzino. It’s prepared chicharron style, and the fried seafood is sculptural as it rises off the plate. Up to $75

2. Splashes
Ron Fougeray’s salmon gravlax is layered with color—the fish, mango and mustard coulis, saffron-poached lady apples, and cucumber and jicama salad simply pop. Then there’s the everything bagel crumbs…. $18

3. Studio
The creativity coming out of Craig Strong’s kitchen is exemplified by his turmeric-cured hamachi. The hamachi, carrot, sea bean, daikon and peanut dust come together in a burst of hues, shapes and flavors. $28

4. Steakhouse 55
It’s a legend, just like Marcel St. Pierre’s lamb chops. He “impresses every sense” by marinating the protein in aromatic herbs and citrus. Then, he finishes the meat with a textural garlic and peppercorn crust. The result? What he presents on your plate. $38

5. Sushi Roku
Everything here is visually appealing. Take the blue crab tartare: It appears to float on a bed of ice and is topped with uni and a dash of black caviar. To finish: a brilliant bloom. $32


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